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I am somewhere in the early chapters of an epic story about a photographic journey. It is an easy and natural choice to learn photography to document the people, places and things I encounter. The technical aspects of photography fit naturally with my science background. Where I have found the most reward is in the creative process. I have been an educator throughout my life, and continue to teach classes, and workshops in photography. Digital post-processing has replaced the darkroom, creating an environment where capturing an image is often just the first version of a great image. Winning my first photo competition helped me realize there is a larger audience for such creative work. I see a much wider range of possibilities if I consider myself a digital artist as well a photographer. This also means learning another complete set of tools, and skills to use them. A process that never really ends. There is more of a need than ever for the schools, educators, and online sources to teach and learn these skills. I believe the best images capture the convergence of light, composition, and its elements. When done well, great images possess the ability to visit over and over, often revealing hidden qualities missed at first. I embrace that sentiment whether shooting for myself, friends, or clients. I have clients contact me for copies of my own images, or assisting them to create an image for themselves. Capturing and creating something new, or even working with existing images, I enjoy making photographic art for others. That passion can be experienced in the classes and workshops I teach, my group photo walks around Chicago, and the online instruction I participate in. To make some of this work accessible, I have collected a handful of my favorites images here. You will find a little bit of everything, I hope there is something that resonates with you. If you have questions about the images, or would like to contact me, please use the links on the bottom of this page.

Thank you for visiting.

~ Neale

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