Photography School

I have been part of the Chicago Photography Center on the North side of Chicago for several years now. Richard Stromberg founded the school in 1969, the same photography program that was at the Jane Addams Center, Hull House. Richard was the Founder and Director of that Program. In 2001, when Hull House sold the Center - Richard, with a cadre of students and volunteers, started the Chicago Photography Center on Lincoln Avenue. Subsequently, Richard moved to the present location at 4001 N Ravenswood. This is the new place of learning. Many of the same staff are from the Jane Addams Center. After his passing in 2014, the school has flourished under new leadership from two former students; Nick Sinnott & Rick Katz. They are succeeding in growing an even larger community, and charting a bright future for the digital age of photography.

Our expanding web presence reaches more new students, as well as getting past students and professionals to return for education, and participation in the digital arts community. We offer a comprehensive program of basic and advanced courses in photography and digital processing. We have a full printing lab, and embrace Richard's philosophy that taking an image from capture to print in hand is the most rewarding form of creativity.

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